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Head Dress - Backwards CS

Geology Records

Head Dress - Backwards CS

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Released by Geology Records. Review cited by the label: ‰ÛÏThe drones are dense and complex, but they don't stray too far into abstraction. Every once in a while, the slap of a hard body is heard, or the familiar roar of string-based feedback, or even the tactile whine of a finger making its way up a striated, sinewy bit of metallic cable. This is guitar-based drone music that ebbs deep into the bass spectrum. The four tracks... sound at times like that bridge-like moment in a song by Metallica or Black Sabbath, or even Neil Young, just before all hell breaks loose, except it never does; it just lingers in a limbo that is all the more unsettling.‰۝ -Marc Weidenbaum at Disquiet

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