Eve 6 - Hyper Relevisation (Clear w/ Brown, Pale Blue, and Mint Green Splatter Vinyl) LP (MARKDOWN)

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"This is lyric driven and highly evocative, and purpose flows through the current that electrifies every moment of this record. There's nothing fun here, but there's plenty to confide in, and there are poignant moments, times when this album battles on like a warrior encased in armour, yielding a weapon of truth. The music candidly conveys stories of bad luck, broken glory, flaws, and emotional breakdowns. Eve 6 has a knack of delivering lyrics which do not become lost in the buzz-saw guitars and loudness. It's an unorthodox record playing out for the lost souls, the downtrodden, the people who curl up in a ball in their smoked out rooms, their flawed palaces. The music helps, though, it soothes the thumping headaches, the drastic situations, and Eve 6 is a brave outfit, one that doesn't fall at the first hurdle. Hyper Relevisation is an album unconventional in its pursuit of acclaim, and it's a straggly affair, one that heavily presses on themes." - Tuned Up