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Earthless meets Heavy Blanket - In A Dutch Haze 2LP

Burning World Records

Earthless meets Heavy Blanket - In A Dutch Haze 2LP

Released by Burning World / Roadburn records. Info from the label: Roadburn announces a very special one-off show at Roadburn 2012: A Heavy Jam by J Mascis (guitar - Witch / Dinosaur Jr), Mario Rubalcaba (drums - Earthless), Mike Eginton (bass - Earthless) and Graham Clise (guitar - Witch / Lecherous Gaze) on Saturday, April 14th. This will be one epic jam session for fans of shredding psychedelia. Expect hard rock blues, underpinned by the muscular rhythmic sensibilities of kraut-rock, and then have the lid blasted off with the unbridled energy of 70‰Û_s psychedelic guitar rock. The rock solid foundation laid by drummer Mario Rubalcaba is a jumping off point for guitarists J Mascis, Graham Clise, and bassist Mike Eighton to explore the outer cosmos for consciousness expanding riffs and music-induced psychedelic experiences. Flame retardant clothing is highly recommended!

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