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Dystopia Nå - Dweller on the Threshold 2LP

Debemur Morti Productions

Dystopia Nå - Dweller on the Threshold 2LP

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Released by Debemur Morti More info from the label:

Dystopia Nå returns with their follow-up to Syklus. The band still consists of KK (guitar), A. (drums/percussion), S (bass, lead guitar, piano & clean vocals) & K (vocals/synth & piano), and Dweller on the Threshold picks up where Syklus ended. Actually, “Doppelgänger” takes me right back to the moment when I first heard the debut album, and I am on this track alone reminded time and time again of why I fell in love with this band.

The music is related to the extreme genre, but cannot be labelled as this or that so easily. There are elements musically which takes your mind in the direction of black metal, but there are also countless other terms that can be used in my attempt to describe their music. They dabble within the realm of black, avantgarde, experimental, progressive, depressive, doom, alternative and probably a helluva lot more that simply escapes my mind at this time.

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