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Dodheimsgard - Supervillain 2LP

Peaceville Records

Dodheimsgard - Supervillain 2LP


Released by Peaceville. More info from the label:

To fans of black metal, Dødheimsgard need no introduction, being as they are one of the great purveyors of the Norwegian Black Metal creative evolution. The band was formed in 1994 by Aldrahn (Thorns) and Vicotnik (Ved Buens Ende). The early incarnation was that of a raw and melodic black metal band, with their debut album also featuring Fenriz of Darkthrone on bass, & over time they became known as one of the premier avantgarde black metal acts.

?Supervillain Outcast? was Dødheimsgard?s (also known as DHG) fourth album, & was originally released in 2007. With mastermind Vicotnik at the helm, this was also the first album to feature Mat ?Kvohst? McNerney on vocals (Hexvessel, ex-Code) after the departure of founding member Aldrahn several years prior. The drums were also performed by Czral (Aura Noir, Virus), & recorded before his accident which had left him paralysed. ?Supervillain?? was a forward-thinking venture through the realms of black/death & industrial metal with progressive experimentation far beyond the usual confines of the genre.

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