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Dead Neanderthals - Craters LP

Consouling Sounds

Dead Neanderthals - Craters LP

Dead Neanderthals — consisting of René Aquarius and Otto Kokke — are known for their
free improvisational music, as is known in the jazz scene, but with a very different
output. Flirting with extreme music like metal or even grindcore, their music takes on a dark twist.
Their new offering, and debut on Consouling Sounds, “Craters” brings the band
into dark and moody territories, adding a bass guitar to the sonic palette.
The album sounds organically layered, with Aquarius’s ominous percussion
paving the way for Kokke’s atmospheric sax arrangements, glued together by
Maxime Petit’s bass tones. An album that will take you on a dark and twisted trip
for sure.

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