Built To Spill - Perfect From Now On 2LP

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Built to Spill's early indie releases on C/Z, Up and K established a new pop standard, born from lo-fi experimentation, carefully crafted hooks, plaintive vocals, and brilliant, snaky guitar lines. For their 1997 major label debut, Perfect from Now On, frontman Doug Martsch leads a revolving cast of musicians on a sprawling nine-song set that stands as one of the band's most ambitious to date. Gone are the compact, simple ditties that characterized the band's recent recordings, replaced by the kind of longer epics that typified their C/Z debut, Ultimate Alternative Wavers. The songs, some clocking in at eight or nine minutes in length, combine the laid-back intensity of Pink Floyd and Neil Young with a Beatles-meets-Pavement modern, pop aesthetic. It's at once dreamy, spooky, and spine-tingling and if there's any truly unexplored territory in rock music, you can be sure Built to Spill are in the vanguard!