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Black Mecha - I.M. Mentalizing LP

Profound Lore Records

Black Mecha - I.M. Mentalizing LP


Released by Profound Lore. More info from the label:

“The probingly staggering new album of mentation electronics from BLACK MECHA was produced by Fortress Crookedjaw. The theory of mind aural operation resulted in a raw implementation of sound waves directed by the electric musical poetry of Internal Masonry, executed via sci-fi driven surreal minimalist analogue patterns; the sound of BLACK MECHA exudes audio realms of glitchty system mental warfare, delivered through spazzed out robotic thought inducement mechanisms, churned out by penetrating ever-scanning inner lasers. The conceptual focus surrounds Internal Masonry’s ideas regarding metacognition. The title, “I.M. Mentalizing”, is derived from Internal Masonry’s thought inference technique, namely: Internal Masonry Mentalizing.

The cover is derived from Internal Masonry’s idea called, Secret Star Sigil. Secret Star Sigil or SSS is a symbolic mental star map or mind constellation that takes form of iridescent flash patterns dictated by the desired Twofold Five Will point combination. Anyway, all this information is in the Iamanaxe booklet, but pertaining to the cover: “Clear Onyx Emerald” is the particular SSS in which came to pass during the automation of “I.M. Mentalizing”, and we felt it must be utilized and proceeded with its replication. We are extremely pleased with the result of this evocative album cover. The slightly broken or imperfection in the lines of the mind constellation sigil is intentional and signifies the icy surface of the Nine Paths and Nine Creeks within the Five Points of the Internal Masonry.”

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