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Au Champ Des Morts - Je JOur se Leve 7"

Debemur Morti Productions

Au Champ Des Morts - Je JOur se Leve 7"


Released by Debemur Morti. More info from the label:

For a band on their first EP, AU CHAMP DES MORTS show incredible maturity and precious know-how - brilliantly combining diverse influences from Old School and Post Black Metal to early Hard Rock and Cold Wave.

The two songs proudly presented here are, before all else, deeply intense on an emotional plane. The compositions skilfully combine sublime and majestically aggressive riffing with a torrent of heartbreakingly poignant melodies, full of melancholy. The band’s magisterial grasp of dynamic song-writing effortlessly transports the listener from frenetic rage to serene meditation.

"Le Jour Se Lève" is an amazing first realisation, a beyond-promising start by a truly gifted band: the French Black Metal scene has been a rich pool of pure talent for many years and there's no doubt AU CHAMP DES MORTS will rise to become one of the most important.

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