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Anicon - Anicon 12"

Dead Section Records

Anicon - Anicon 12"


Released by Dead Section. More info from the label:

Awash in a thick wall of dirgey guitars giving ample breathing room to a crackling, crunchy bass, Anicon play a style of USBM that doesn’t focus on over-the-top speed or chaotic distorted madness. They are masters of the auditory journey, churning out chunks of sound that feel like a living, breathing mass. Like borough-mates Mutilation Rites, they bring a slight thrashened perspective to their grim European sound complete with tempo-changes and serpentine twists. It’s black metal played intelligently; it doesn’t stick to a formula and leaves the listener guessing how many tricks the band has up their charred and rotted sleeves. ( CVLT NATION)

This release is limited to 150 copies total. 75 copies each of the cover versions. Covers are silk screened on all 4 sides on thick raw paper!

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